Excerpts from reviews of Richard Festinger's music.

"Enchanting… vocal writing of
rhythmic buoyancy and surprise."
- The San Francisco Chronicle

"an American master"
- The Brothers Balliet, WQXR Radio

"If you are looking for beautiful 21st century American
music, look no further."
- Karen E. Moorman, Classical Voice of North Carolina

"Festinger's music is notable for its combination
of propulsive energy with an impeccable sense of
poise and balance."
- Frank J. Oteri, 2011 Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music

" a multi-stage rocket that, ignoring gravity,
traverses the earth's atmosphere. Bravo!"
- Twentieth Century Music

- The Los Angeles Times

"...a panorama of moods, styles, shapes, figurations..."
- Piano and Keyboard Journal

"...deft and pretty..."
- The New York Times

"...simply breathtaking..."
- Twentieth Century Music

"...silvery streamers with multicolored
fog and dancing, rhythmic juice..."
- Los Angeles Times

"This is music that sparkles..."
- MLA Notes

"...colorful, closely argued, dramatic and interesting."
- Boston Globe

"...engages the ear with a taut, athletic lyricism"
- Twentieth Century Music

"...veered from rambunctious to contemplative."
- New York Times

"...a musical garland."
- Los Angeles Times

" of design and superb craftsmanship..."
- The Montclarion

"Festinger's music, like a Mark Rothko painting, is
beautiful... and discovering what's beneath makes it rewarding."
- Classical Voice of North Carolina