Diary of a Journey

New York New Music Ensemble
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  • Program Notes

    Richard Festinger has long been an essential part of Northern California Bay Area musical life, his works described as having a 'combination of propulsive energy with an impeccable sense of poise and balance' (Tanglewood Contemporary Music Festival). Each of the works on this recording is a quintessential example of his approach to composition. Diary of a Journey is a metaphorical circle described in exhilarating forward motion and uncertain stillness. The Coming of Age reflects Denis Johnson's poetry in its intimate precision, and wildly kinetic and mournful personas of the cello are at the center of Laws of Motion. A Dream Foretold is a rich tapestry of enigmatic eloquence, masterful counterpoint and constant surprise.


  • “If you are looking for beautiful 21st century American music, look no further… This album holds four compositions performed by New York New Music Ensemble… Festinger creates mesmerizing textures. Slowly emerging themes, gently woven from snippets of melody, gradually accelerate and collide like swirling eddies of dissonant color. Animated changes in dynamic, tremolos in the strings, and skittering piano figures create tension and drama. Silence your cell phone, find a quiet spot, and listen.”

    – Karen E. Moorman Read Complete Review